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Trust the Rickety Path

I recently went on my first train ride in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We waited at a train station as the relic came down the tracks at a gentle pace, appearing every bit as a proud grandfather coming back to work to pick up the next load for his pride and glory occupation. I soaked in the train's arrival, boarding, and taking my seat at the table for the four-course meal we were to be served. A lamp casting a golden glow sat on our table by the window, creating a relaxing ambiance as dusk settled with slowly darkening shades on the Ozarks. The server immediately began serving us soup while the train began down the tracks and into the heavily wooded mountains. Eventually, after a beautiful scenic ride, we stop for a few minutes and then begin backing up. (This is where the metaphor beings.) I assume, as some others on the train, that we will ride back and maybe go past the train station the opposite direction, because we clearly were only on the salad portion of our four-course meal. This is where I snap the picture above of a very rickety wooden bridge that looked like it had better days ten decades ago. Then we begin going forward again, curving to the right and heading directly to that bridge. I think the entire lot of paying customers became nervous at this moment, but we glide over the bridge and then stop directly on it. Below, a creek gently flowed. Trees surrounded us and and the creek, and it was the most picturesque scene that was intentionally provided by someone with a keen eye and a love for nature. The main course was served and we stayed there while everyone ate and chatted. It felt blissfully right to be in that moment. Then it struck me how life is exactly like the pathway I just went. I don't know how many times I have chosen to go left when I should have gone right. And like this bridge, it's okay to stop, back up, and go the other direction because you would have missed out on something beautiful if you had not. Not only that, but put your trust in something that seems scary at first glance. Trust the rickety bridge. Something amazing is over there.

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