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Five years after her mother’s death, Nev has the routine down of juggling high school and housework to maintain a semblance of normalcy for her dad and older brother. Her adopted cousin, Cameron, never one to let her shoulder the burden, often comes over to help her. He’s gotten so used to her company, witnessing her humorous pranks on her brother and watching favorite movies together, that when she begins dating, he becomes protective. Constantly worrying about her safety with the school’s most coveted bad boy, Cameron’s feelings slowly start to turn into something more that wars with his subconscious. When Nev takes a night to let loose, life plants her onto the first step of a harsh reality, one that she hopes to escape with the family’s annual summer trip to Colorado. And Cameron plans to be there to help her along the way, conspiring with the universe to see that her heart never breaks again because, after all, she is his everything, whether she knows it or not. Cameron is soon faced with addressing his complicated feelings and the prospect of letting Nev know his deepest secret.

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    6x9 inch paperback, 256 pages

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