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One Petal Flower

One Petal Flower

SKU: 7142012

"This flower I give to you has one petal because I never want you to question my love for you. If you pick the petal off, you will be able to say 'he loves me,' as there are no other petals for you to say 'he loves me not.'" -Jonas

After Darian Moon loses her boyfriend to a motorcycle accident, she finds her somber town too much to handle, so she moves from Texas to Oklahoma to live with her grandmother for the summer. Strange things start to happen after she meets Chayton Swift, her grandmother's college-age neighbor and handyman. Darian soon learns Chayton has a few supernatural abilities, one of which is seeing and communicating with ghosts. Darian's boyfriend, Jonas, happens to be one of them, and he's there to warn her that evil entities do exist.
But so do heroes.

  • Product Details

    6X9 paperback, 189 pages


    No returns. If there is an issue with the product, please contact the seller.


    US orders only at this time. International, please contact the seller for interest.

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